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chomsky.info was originally created by Pablo Stafforini, with the purpose of celebrating Chomsky's work and encouraging activism worldwide. In December 2003, it became Noam Chomsky's official website.

We would like to thank Kendall Clark and R. R. King from Bad News for all their fantastic work with the previous Chomsky archive. Thanks are also due to Robin Green, who graciously donated the chomsky.info domain name.

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All requests, invitations, questions, and general correspondence should be directed to Professor Chomsky's MIT email address, available at:


Since Professor Chomsky receives literally hundreds of e-mails per day, however, we ask that correspondents exercise responsibility and discretion before writing him.

There is no public listing of Professor Chomsky's upcoming talks, but they are usually announced in local alternative media well in advance.

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Again, please note that the website administrator is not Noam Chomsky, and he cannot arrange interviews, or put you in contact with Noam Chomsky. You can contact Noam Chomsky directly! Just use the link provided above to obtain his email address.

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